Windows Application Icons for
Millennium Default System

Millennium Default System (MDS) is a workflow management application used by attorneys and trustee companies to perform non-judicial foreclosures. This set of button icons was designed to improve usability and replace existing graphics. I created these in Photoshop during my employment with mTech Services, the developer of MDS.

mTech Services Corporation Website

This site redesign was completed for mTech Services Corporation, my full-time employer. mTech provides software development and web services for the foreclosure industry. The new web site provides potential customers with information about mTech's flagship product, MDS, a foreclosure workflow management application, and its companion web services. As part of the web site redesign, I created a fresh new corporate identity, including a new color scheme and three new logos for MDS, MDSConnect and the mTech eRecorder.

The layout and graphics for the site were created in Photoshop, and the HTML was written in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, giving me my first exposure to that software. The back end of the site is programmed by mTech developers.

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WHH Nisqually Federal Services, LLC
Corporate Website

WHH Nisqually Federal Services is a construction and construction management firm in Western Washington. Using their existing corporate identity, I created this web site featuring a custom-made Plan Center, which allows them to publish project documents online (specifications, drawings, etc.) for access by interested bidders and subcontractors. An automated mailing list feature alerts subscribers when new documents are posted. The web site also allows the firm to promote their portfolio of projects, and to provide their employees with HR information and forms in a restricted-access area of the site.

This design of this site was created using Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, and its custom functionality uses HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, and a MySQL database.

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Jello-O Shots in Orange Wedges
Video Production Exercise

This video was created for a course on video streaming and compression. It was shot using a Canon VIXIA HF R300, at 30 frames per second. The video was edited in iMovie, where the playback of all shots were reversed. The video was compressed as a QuickTime movie using H.264 compression at the high quality setting, with a bitrate of 5,000 kbits/second, keeping the original frame rate of 30 fps. The audio uses the AAC format, in two channels, at 44.100 kHz.

After producing the video, it was used throughout the course Video for Interactive Media for excercises in video compression and streaming.

Steel City Volleyball League Website

Steel City Volleyball League offers a fun and friendly atmosphere for recreational and competitive volleyball among Pittsburgh's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. The league approached me in 2008 to replace their existing static website with a new dynamic site that would allow them to publish team rosters, schedules, forms, match scores and standings. Since that time, I continue to offer my services to the non-profit group on a volunteer basis, as a way for me to give back to the LGBT community in my hometown.

The site uses PHP and a MySQL database to keep a record of scores in perpetuity, and automatically calculates team standings as new match results are entered each week. The custom programming also allows the league to create a new division and team structure each season, color-coded to match the gay pride color palette used in the site design.

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Animated Flash Quiz
World's Smallest Political Quiz

This ten-question quiz presents an assessment of a person's political views, using questions created by the libertarian group The Advocates for Self-Government, and a chart created in 1970 by David Nolan. I came across this quiz in paper form at a public event several years ago, and it struck me as a good idea for a project in a Flash development course*.

The quiz, written in ActionScript 2, and vector graphics created in Adobe Flash, presents five questions about personal issues, and five questions about economic issues, to which the user responds "Agree", "Disagree", or "Maybe". The user's response to each question determines where their marker is placed on a grid that shows Libertarian on top, Statist at the bottom, Liberal on the left, and Conservative on the right.

*The creation of this Flash project is not an endorsement of any political party or philosophy.

Wild Weather Adventure
Flash Game for Carnegie Science Center

Wild Weather Adventure is a Flash-based educational game commissioned by Carnegie Science Center for use with their Science on the Road program in 2007. The Flash game was a primary component of a high-energy traveling school assembly program, which was a cross between a board game, a video game and a television game show, where two teams of students race around the globe, answering weather-related questions, observing science demonstrations and participating in a physical challenge along the way. The show presenter controls the game from a laptop computer on a lectern on stage while the Flash game is projected onto a large screen in front of an audience of 300-500 elementary or middle school students.

Press Coverage:

Carnegie Magazine (2008)
Herald Star Online (2010)

Treating HIV Infographic

This infographic was created for an assignment in a course titled Illustration for Multimedia & Web at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. In this piece, I illustrate the method in which HIV attacks the immune system, and the ways that infection is managed by modern medicine. The poster was created in Adobe Illustrator using information obtained from the Washington State Department of Health.

DVD Cover Design
An Excercise in Advanced Typography

An assignment in an Advanced Typography course challenged students to design a DVD cover for an existing film, using nothing but type. The film I chose is one of my favorites: Elevator to the Gallows, a French film directed by 26-year-old Louis Malle in 1958.

My design reflects the title's ominous feeling using a large, looming typeface. I chose a black background with white and dark red text, to tap into the themes of death and murder and the dark mood that are featured in the movie. The title on the DVD cover is made to resemble the elevator level indicators of that era, by adding a pointer-style tip to the second "L" in Gallows.

Download Full Size PDF: gallows_full.pdf

Bovine Invaders Shockwave Game

Mad cows from outer space have invaded Earth! Defend the planet against these bovine invaders by shooting them down from your flying ship. Three rounds plus a bonus level.

I built this simple 2-D scrolling Shockwave game as an exercise in programming in a course titled Interactive Authoring III at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. It was created in Adobe Director MX 2004, using the Lingo scripting language, bitmap graphics created in Photoshop, and music and sound effects from Apple's Garage Band application.

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